I won't eat tomatoes.

I just won't

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Anonymous asked: Bro I bet you can't even begin to draw a warlock from destiny. They are just to different from usual armor! I just don't think you can do si-fi stuff

Nice try chum, but I’ve got a commission list for a reason!
Better luck next time!

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Anonymous asked: HAHAHAHA very nice Armors and "Colour Doodles" man, why don't you learn how to paint first, come back, and then try again?

OH IS THIS A CHALLENGE? Because it sounds like it is a challenge TO ME!


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Anonymous asked: that arthas interpretation you painted recently looks like a deformed old man, and his costume design is all wrong!

Well hello there kind person!
You see, first I must admit that my anatomy drawing skills are nothing to be proud about, but you need to consider that I don’t put a lot of effort on those issues ( nor in being “costume accurate”) when I’m color doodling. It’s just a way to have fun and do some practice, but hey! I’m willing to give it a second try!

Hope you like this one better!

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Anonymous asked: Your art is really inspiring! Can you tell us more about yourself?

I punched a dictator once.

For realsies.

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mocca-latte-in-my-veins asked: Felicidades! Sos lo suficientemente famoso como para recibir anon-hate! *confetti* - Eugenia

Pffff, deberías leer las cosas que me escriben cuando me niego a hacer furry.

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Anonymous asked: That´s awesome, the people is happy! Hey do you plan to come to any cons in the us in the near future? i mean like with your own table and shit. ps: fuck them trolls´

Oh yeh, I’m actually coming to the New York Comic-Con in a couple of months, just not as a table holder. I maaaaay try to get a table at a future Con next year!

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Anonymous asked: You're a great person, don't let those jerks reach you with thir hate

Hah! I wouldn’t be on the interwebz if I couldn’t handle some hate mail!
Thanks for caring though, you are literally the best!

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Anonymous asked: Your art is awesome, do you make a living out of it? Did you go to college or something like that? How old are you? Give information to the people!!

Oh thank you very much dude!
I’m 26 and YES, yes to all. I studied visual arts at the School Institute of the Fine Arts, where I studied, painted and crawled on top of several naked people models. Thankfully I do make a living out of my arrrrrts, I’m a freelance artist who works mostly for rpg and tcg table top games, and also work for gaming companies designing ingame graphics, animations and general assets!

People has the information now, I hope the people is happy.
Also I think you’re very handsome, do you workout? Because da-amn!