I won't eat tomatoes.

I just won't

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Anonymous asked: oh my god do you actually own armor, pardon my language but you must be the coolest fucking person on the face of the frick frakking planet

Oh, your language is absolutely pardoned.

Also, ARMERS!!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the long post.

To kind of celebrate hitting 1,200 followers here and 200 followers on the Chapel Also Ran only blog, I wanted to upload the basic process of how I make a page. So I made sure to export all of the phases I generally hit whenever I make a comic page for CAR.

You can read the comic in full here! And again, thank you so much guys for your support! Under the cut I’ll go into what happens in each phase.

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I don’t usually reblog stuff on this account, but I can make an exception FOR THIS THING OMG LOOK AT THAT PROCESS IT’S GORGEOUS! ART!

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